Full ‘Harvest’ Moon, September 2014


Charms are charged and ready to go! Except now I’m fighting with doctor’s appointments, wonky plumbing, and other such nonsense.

So, we’ll start giveaways next Monday. Just a short delay!

'Raven Among The Leaves', August 2014.

The leaves are already starting to turn here.

Carnelian, green moss agate, seraphinite, green tourmaline, green quartz, clear quartz.

'Raven-Between-The-Worlds', August 2014.

Full ‘Barley’ Moon altar, August 2014.

Full ‘Barley’ Moon altar, August 2014.


This is Emily Balivet’s ‘Barley Witch’. I love the colours in this piece; summer storm on winter wheat.


This is Emily Balivet’s ‘Barley Witch’. I love the colours in this piece; summer storm on winter wheat.

Dragon Magic altar/shrine, July 2014

Still working with the dragons, but with a different context than before. Did a little work on a pair of dragon toys I had hanging about - I like them better monochrome than I did when they were coloured.

Black tourmaline, dragon stone, howlite, scolecite, snow quartz, labradorite, larvikite, grey aventurine, garnet, red tiger’s eye, brecciated jasper, obsidian, smokey quartz, hypersthene.

Helpful Hint for Witches #6


Unless you have a meteorologist’s level of knowledge about the historical and prevailing conditions of your area, and how systems move in and out of your area, you have NO idea how your witching is going to affect OTHER areas, as well as your own. You are not just affecting yourself. You will be potentially effecting thousands or millions of other people.

You could be starting or encouraging a flood. Or a drought. And you are very likely not the only witch throwing pebbles into the weather pond. One pebble is a ripple - hundreds of pebbles cause a lot more disturbance. Ripples can become waves. Waves from different directions meet and crash - and you don’t want to live where waves meet.

We all love to complain about the weather. We’d all love to change it, sometimes. But it’s not a wise choice.

Satyr Moon altar, July 2014

A grove full of goaty little men and their friends, dancing under the Full Moon’s light.

Clear quartz, moonstone, green tourmaline, green moss agate, red and green garnet, dragonstone.

Storm Dragon shrine, July 2014

The whole reason I made those dragon icons, right here. Very handy for someone who works with dragons - nice visual cues.

Circle and matrix is constructed with labradorite, kyanite, black tourmaline, dragonstone, dark amethyst, blue chalcedony, and iolite.

Today’s whimsy. The original artwork above is by my friend Jen (go poke at her store, A Bird In The Heart). She has gifted me with many wonderful pieces over the years, and being able to use these dragon silhouettes online was one of the best. :)

So when I decided I needed some icons to go with the various shrines and altars I build when working with dragons, these were my first choice. They’re not fancy, but I like them.

Thanks, Merfle. :>

Witchs’ Ladders -

A witch’s ladder historically is a braided or knotted cord (that may include feathers, hair, or other objects) that contains a spell, most commonly a curse. These had nine knots, and the intention of the spell was bound into the cord with each knot.

These are not those.

Some witch’s ladders are instead 40 knots, or beads, and are used as strings of prayer beads, or a rosary - a tool for the repetition of spells, chants, etc. without conscious counting.

These are not those, either.

These witchs’ ladders are similar to a string of prayer beads, but intended as a tool to transition consciousness. One begins at one end, the anchor, and moves through a repetition of spell, chant, prayer, etc. until one reaches the “loop” (which may be a pendant, or an actual loop) and enters the spirit world, or other intended destination.

All available at Witchs’ Cauldron Creations @ Etsy!

Mead Moon, June 2014.

I can’t tell you how much I love that beeswax candle bowl. My ‘cauldron of flowers’ makes me happy at this time of year. Adorned with rabbits, a small icon, clear quartz, jade, moonstone, and rose quartz. Offerings are of milk and honey, and sweet Esbat incense (not pictured). I had hoped I’d have some tiger lilies to offer, but the winter has left our blooming several weeks behind, so I’ll just have to wait.