Leanan, our grey lad. 2002-2014. :(

Full ‘Harvest’ Moon, September 2014


Charms are charged and ready to go! Except now I’m fighting with doctor’s appointments, wonky plumbing, and other such nonsense.

So, we’ll start giveaways next Monday. Just a short delay!

And now, having made the call to the landlord, and expecting a plumber, everything’s fine with the plumbing again.

W.T.F, mate.

Whatever. I’m cleaning the tub again, and cleansing the shit out of this house later. >_<


Yesterday, it was exploding glass. Today? My bathtub is full of sinister looking black shit. All my drains are backed up - conveniently while I was shaving my legs prior to showering. Neighbours upstairs flushed their toilet, and then suddenly my tub wasn’t draining anymore.

I -just- mopped that bathroom floor this morning. I just cleaned that tub. I am hot and dirty and want a goddamn shower. I had all sorts of other things to be doing today and tonight that didn’t involve looking like something the cat horked up while I wait for a plumber. And I am rapidly running out of spoons.

This could be everyday mundane fuckery. Pyrex does just up and explode without warning. The house needs work, and the pipes are already shit. It could be extra special sparkly magical spirit fuckery. I don’t know. But while we’re cleaning up the mess, it’s getting cleaned on both sides of the coin. The house needs work, and the pipes are already shit. Don’t need no goddamn gremlins movin’ in here making anything worse.

Harvest Moon - Neil Young

three things.

Good: I had an iron infusion on Friday. I have some colour again, and spent a couple days aching in my muscles. Stomach’s still not wonderful, but the last couple days I’ve felt better. I have more energy and am getting stuff done without wiping myself out.

Bad: Last night, I was making yorkshire pudding and the glass baking pan I use (I make one big one) literally exploded as I was pouring the batter into the hot fat. Yeah.

Incredibly sharp glass, burning fat, and egg batter everywhere. I’m ok except for a cut on the top of my poor old right foot (which really doesn’t need the extra strife). I’m taking lots of care with it - iodine is your friend.. The fun part was trying to clean up the glass, which was invisible slivers of death in liquid batter, or huge crumbling chunks of death encased in cooked batter stuck to the stovetop. >_< And then I made another yorkie in a metal pan. Dinner was late, but very good, I am told. I’d lost my appetite by the time I cleaned everything up.

Indifferent: Working on charms today, amongst everything else. Will be woo-woo-ing tonight, once the moon is up.

Yes - the full moon. Which I totally planned woo-woo for, and then apparently forgot to plan a shrine for. I couldn’t even remember which moon this was. I will be doing some scampering about while we’re doing laundry later, I think, trying to figure out what I’m going to decorate with. Absent-minded witches, yo.


My charms are all done - most are double-sided, and include a little gemstone dangle and a length of ribbon for hanging (that you can remove if you prefer). All that’s left is to do some ‘woo’ work with them.

First giveaway starts Monday! I will be giving away one every two weeks until I run out. Keep an eye out for ‘official’ giveaway posts in the future!

Thanks to all my followers for hanging around.

The Flag - Barenaked Ladies

Another of those days.


Still plonking away at my charm painting. Taking it very slow and trying to enjoy the process, rather than rush through it and be even more stressed than I am (if that’s possible). I’m hoping to have them done before the Full Moon, though. I’d like to charge some of them - the rest won’t be dependent on lunar cycles.

Rather than try to do one big giveaway, I will probably be giving out one or two every couple weeks, until the end of the year. Still chuffed to have hit 1000 followers. :)

'Raven Among The Leaves', August 2014.

The leaves are already starting to turn here.

Carnelian, green moss agate, seraphinite, green tourmaline, green quartz, clear quartz.

Peridot, cut and rough, from Pakistan.
Stone: Pala International; crystal: William Larson collection. Photo: Jeff Scovil

Peridot, cut and rough, from Pakistan.

Stone: Pala International; crystal: William Larson collection. Photo: Jeff Scovil


Peridot from Pakistan
by Exceptional Minerals


Peridot from Pakistan

by Exceptional Minerals

I am painting charm blanks. Little puddles of colour. :)