I spent last week playing with some polymer clay, polished stones, and paint. What came out were these. They aren’t the most detailed little things, but I’m happy with them.

I have jewelry plans for myself with three of them. The red one is the odd man out, but I will likely still make it into a necklace as well and throw it into my Etsy store. :)

  • Black Dragon: Star Diopside
  • Red Dragon: Citrine
  • Indigo Dragon: Amethyst
  • White Dragon: Quartz

Dragon Magic altar/shrine, July 2014

Still working with the dragons, but with a different context than before. Did a little work on a pair of dragon toys I had hanging about - I like them better monochrome than I did when they were coloured.

Black tourmaline, dragon stone, howlite, scolecite, snow quartz, labradorite, larvikite, grey aventurine, garnet, red tiger’s eye, brecciated jasper, obsidian, smokey quartz, hypersthene.

Ha Ha Tonka - ‘All The Usual Suspects’


I’m considering doing another giveaway when I hit 1000 followers - I’m only 40 away from that number right now.

Maybe some charms. I have a knack for them, and I like making them.

'Dragon's Hoard' bedside bowl, July 2014

Copper, pyrite, smokey quartz, amethyst, ametrine, labradorite, lapis lazuli, kyanite, blue topaz, turquoise, seraphinite, tiger’s eye, axinite, hessonite garnet, ruby.

Helpful Hint for Witches #6


Unless you have a meteorologist’s level of knowledge about the historical and prevailing conditions of your area, and how systems move in and out of your area, you have NO idea how your witching is going to affect OTHER areas, as well as your own. You are not just affecting yourself. You will be potentially effecting thousands or millions of other people.

You could be starting or encouraging a flood. Or a drought. And you are very likely not the only witch throwing pebbles into the weather pond. One pebble is a ripple - hundreds of pebbles cause a lot more disturbance. Ripples can become waves. Waves from different directions meet and crash - and you don’t want to live where waves meet.

We all love to complain about the weather. We’d all love to change it, sometimes. But it’s not a wise choice.

Satyr Moon altar, July 2014

A grove full of goaty little men and their friends, dancing under the Full Moon’s light.

Clear quartz, moonstone, green tourmaline, green moss agate, red and green garnet, dragonstone.


Has anyone amongst my followers ever burned any of the following as incense ingredients, and what did you think of the scent profile?

Elm Bark (Specifically lacebark elm “sheddings”)
Oak bark
Willow Bark
Pear Bark
Blackthorn Bark (commercial source, powdered)
Hickory Bark
Makko Powder

I use white oak bark and willow bark often. Oak bark is fairly mild and dry smelling. Willow bark is very sweet, and when I need a base for a watery incense it’s my go-to. It’s a water smell that isn’t a green smell.

I imagine that the pear bark would be sweet or fruity, like apple or cherry is. I’ve not had pear specifically but other fruit wood always has an echo of its’ fruits.

Blackthorn bark I’ve never had, but I do use buckthorn bark. They’re related, so they might be similar. Buckthorn is a rich, very velvety smell, a little like sandalwood or wine-soaked cinnamon. It adds depth to a blend. Being a fruiting tree it may also be sweet or have echoes of the sloes in it.

Makko powder always just smells like…burning, to me. Like I can tell something’s burning, but it’s indistinct to my nose.

Hope some of that was useful.

Pondering some ponderables for the full moon this weekend. It’s the Satyr Moon, here in my house. I have some ideas, of course. But they’re not all for public consumption.

This little rabbit was sitting out in the driveway last night while we were visiting my husband’s family. Very nonchalant.

Storm Dragon shrine, July 2014

The whole reason I made those dragon icons, right here. Very handy for someone who works with dragons - nice visual cues.

Circle and matrix is constructed with labradorite, kyanite, black tourmaline, dragonstone, dark amethyst, blue chalcedony, and iolite.

Today’s whimsy. The original artwork above is by my friend Jen (go poke at her store, A Bird In The Heart). She has gifted me with many wonderful pieces over the years, and being able to use these dragon silhouettes online was one of the best. :)

So when I decided I needed some icons to go with the various shrines and altars I build when working with dragons, these were my first choice. They’re not fancy, but I like them.

Thanks, Merfle. :>

loose ends.

Plans for coven this weekend seem to have fallen through. I thought a late Solstice ritual was better than none, so I waited to celebrate with others…and now I’m left having not done anything for the solstice this year. Ah well.

But it does mean I have another weekend to putter around at home. So today I’m baking some honey cake, and we have some huge ripe cherries, and I’ll have a little rite for the New Moon, in my own way.

I’ll try to get up tomorrow and make it to the Farmer’s Market for some local strawberries. (Getting up in the morning is always an issue for me.) I need to go have a poke at the woo-store downtown and get some more incense sticks, and the local candle factory is always fun to have a look around, too.

Aside from that? No real plans. Hubby’s off until the 2nd, so we’ll just enjoy the time together.

Foot’s still…footing. It’s still taking its’ sweet time healing. Nothing I can do about it. I was very much hoping to be swimming Canada Day but it’s not going to happen. :\ I try not to get too frustrated by it, or any of the other stupid medical nonsense making life interesting. But it’s hard. I keep trying to remember to let myself enjoy a few things, but it’s not really in my nature. I get wound tight about things and can’t get past the anxiety I have over it.

Nothing terribly exciting, but that’s what I’m about right now.